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Let Our Professional Experience Be Your Strength

Estate & Business Planning Group has been working hard to show our clients the way. Whether it’s how to save, invest, and protect the wealth they have worked so hard for, or how to properly draw the income they need for years to come. Our holistic approach to planning your financial future includes estate planning, pension and income planning, wealth management, tax strategies, and help with real estate transactions. We examine every variable aspect of your finances so that we can create a fully functional plan that is tailored to you.

Estate & Business Planning Group has created a synergy that is not often seen in a financial advisory firm. Each member is uniquely qualified and gifted in advising clients in specialized situations. When you look at our organization as a whole, you will see a firm that can guide most anyone through a custom process to achieve the goals they desire. Many times we have been described as the Google Map to help families get to the finish line.

We want to help you, and your family, keep what you have worked so hard to earn. We believe in family planning. That means that we work with you to make sure your legacy and estate is protected and your wealth is distributed properly.

Advice That Is Outside The Box

Our firm is built with our clients as the center. Everything we do revolves around our desire to see our clients prosper. Our core values keep us focused and continue to remind us of who we are and why we go the extra mile.

  • Knowledge - In an ever-changing financial marketplace, it takes devotion to staying on top of the ups and downs regarding new products and strategies. After years serving the public, we have developed and applied processes to tackle whatever circumstances that our clients find themselves in. Our advisors are always studying and imparting that knowledge to our clients.
  • Team – When you work with one member of our team, you work with every member of our team. Our advisors constantly consult with both each other, and outside professionals, in order to create the strongest financial plan for you. We also create internal succession plans so that you are never left without an advisor.

Our Clients Leave More Knowledgeable Than When They Entered

  • Creativity - This is Estate & Business Planning Group’s edge. We think outside the box. We look in areas where few others would spend time digging through. We ask the questions that uncover possible gaps in your planning. We understand how individual decisions will affect your taxes, your income, or your legacy. Our advisors have tried and true processes aimed at delivering solutions that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Confidence - Every advisor at Estate & Business Planning Group is expected to deliver confidence. We do not take our responsibility lightly. This is your future. Our goal is to show you a plan and implement steps that lead you toward your goals.